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History behind the Issue

HP Quick Test Professional™ (QTP) provides a next-generation solution for functional test and regression test automation. It deploys the concept of keyword-driven testing to radically enhance, yet simplify, test creation and maintenance.

However, there’s no easy path for current HP customers with big investments in WinRunner scripts to migrate to QTP. Manually converting test script language (TSL) WinRunner scripts to QTP VB scripts is a huge task that can take many man-months of non value-add effort.

Prime Solution’s WinMorphosis, automatically converts Winrunner’s TSL scripts and GUI Maps to corresponding VB scripts and Object Repository in QTP. WinRunner scripts fed to WinMorphosis are internally scanned and analyzed thoroughly to produce the most accurate QTP output. In spite of the vast differences between WinRunner and QTP, the logical and test flow is preserved.

Prime Solutions has completed several successful customer migration projects using the WinMorphosis Methodology and Suite of tools. Leveraging WinMorphosis ™ and the company’s deep enterprise application experience, Prime Solutions provides a complete migration solution, allowing customers to migrate at a fraction of the time and cost of manual migrations.

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