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Technology Partners

Interoperate has created the WR2QTP Migration Solution, the best-in-class solution with highest level of automation for migration of HP WinRunner scripts to HP QuickTest Professional (QTP). Interoperate's mission is to apply their knowledge of denotational semantics and rule-based languages to solve mission critical translation tasks, such as HP WinRunner TSL migration. Interoperate's near 100% automated technology dramatically lowers the cost and risk associated with migrating very large mission critical TSL libraries by allowing rapid and reliable conversion to QTP with virtually no manual rewriting of scripts. The Prime Solutions/Interoperate partnership guarantees world-class customer support as well as near 100% automated migration.


PlatinoTech Consulting (PCI) has been providing fortune 500 clients cutting edge Business Intelligence Solutions since 1999. Some of the market verticals include Technology (3Com, Silicon Graphics), Pharma (GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer), Retail (Tropicana, PepsiCo, Chase), Finance (BankOne, JPMorganChase), HealthCare (Blue Cross Blue Shield, Trizetto, Nationwide Children's Hospital, Health Dialogs, UAC, HHI) and Utilities (America Electric Power) to name a few.
The core competencies include but are not limited to the following:

RAD (Rapid Application Deployment) - Customizing out of the box a product like Business Objects to meet your organizations needs and building an SOA to help your bottom line.

Migrations and Deployment Management: We have the fastest track record of providing migration solutions. We can complete your migration, provide a path to follow and guide your post and pre migration efforts, so all the i(s) are dotted and ts are crossed. There are no oops during or after the migration is done and we leave. We have re-installed server for our clients after days of our competitorâ?Ts migration efforts have failed.

Building CASE Tools for Businesses: For repetitive customers trying to do the same reporting from the same ERP packages, we have our own proprietary "black boxes" approach, where we deploy an out of the box package of Universes and reports that caters to 80 % of your business needs. Again, instead of building the remaining 20 % we train your staff to build it themselves, while we do handholding for them. Gets your ROI where it needs to be. A true BI approach.

Support and Training: If you need between 1- 40 BI staff for between 3 - 36 months, because you are having a major project deadline and are in between staffing, if you want us to do some time and effort for you, we do that too. We'll provide you with skilled BI staff for as long as you need for your Development, Support and Training needs. We have a pool of trained BI experts who are available on demand to support your needs.

Our objective is to get the job done, with minimum impact to your ongoing business, on-time completion within or below your current budget. We are not product re-sellers; we are on your side and will negotiate with Vendors' as your employees would.

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